As a Mom:
I’m a proud mother of a little 4 year old boy who makes me smile each day, is growing so fast I can’t seem to keep up, and who inspires me to be a dinosaur, a pirate, a monster, dance, sing and be just plan silly. Love!

As a Recycler, Designer and Crocheter:
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I’m passionate about reusing/upcycling plastic bags that are otherwise destined for the landfill. I make them into plarn (plastic yarn) and then crochet (and sometimes knit) durable and functional everyday items such as rugs, bags, baskets, & more.

All items are unique, original designs crocheted from plarn (plastic yarn). This yarn is crafted from all kinds of plastic including the typical grocery bag, bread bags, newspaper bags, and other found plastics. All materials used, including buttons, are 100% recycled/reclaimed/upcycled.

My Mom taught me how to crochet when I was little and then to knit when I was in college – these skills stuck with me over the years as I learned different stitches, how to read patterns (and make my own), and make all kinds of useful items.

I became frustrated at the high cost of wool and wanted to find a way to use up what I already had, so I did some searching, found a class at the local library on how to make plastic into yarn, and I ran with it from there.

As a Knitter:
I’m obsessed with scarves and shawls, hats, bags, and so much more. I’ve just started learning to hand spin (with a drop spindle). My projects often overflow my basket, cover half the couch and cause my son to ask “Mom, what are you making now?” What can I say, knitting is just part of me!

As a Humble Cook:
I’m part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program here in Portland, OR. I am challenged to use our food budget in new and creative ways, utilizing the weekly pile of fresh, local fruits and veggies from the CSA. Some of this blog will incorporate my attempts at cooking and baking, an art that keeps me sane – even when life is unpredictable and I’ve had a rough day, I can still rely on the comfort that comes from making a homemade meal.


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