DIY: Baking Soda 3 Ways

Warm days in Portland mean windows closed up tight during the day to keep in any cool air we managed to fan in during the morning hours. Only in the evenings and early mornings does fresh air fill our little house. Add this to the small-ness of our space, three people (little boys are stinky!) and a fat cat (also very stinky) and we are in need of some serious air freshening.

Let’s just clear the air about something (tee hee) – Glade and other artificial air fresheners stink! Literally. They are too strong and don’t smell anything like their names suggest: “Fresh Berries” – not even close. “Clean Linen” – umm, no! Plus, I can’t imagine the amount of chemicals in them… not interested!

Mason Jar Air Fresheners:

So, in an effort to tame the stink and freshen with some authentic smells, I opted for this idea. The baking soda absorbs icky odors and the essential oils brighten the room with fresh scents.

The process is really simple. Gather the necessary supplies: essential oil of choice (I used peppermint and lavender), track down a few mason jars (I used pint sized with wide mouths), some cute paper, pencil, glue, scissors, and baking soda.

I opted for the easy route and didn’t spray paint the mason jar rings – I’m not that worried about the look of the jars.

Fill the mason jar half full with baking soda. Add 8 – 12 drops of the oil of choice (more or less depending on your preference). I also added some dried lavender from our garden to the lavender jars I made. Trace the mason jar lid with a pencil onto thick paper and onto cute wrapping paper. Cut out and glue a thick piece and a wrapping paper piece together. Put the paper lid onto the jar and tighten down with the jar ring. Poke a few holes in the top with a pencil (I happened to have a screw driver handy for this part) to let the yummy smells out. And there you have it!

I put a lavender scented one in my kitchen and bedroom, and a peppermint scented one in the bathroom and living room.

Origami Car Air Fresheners:

Then I thought it might be neat to modify this project for an air freshener for my car. So, I found instructions on how to make an origami basket and folded up a few with some plain paper.

Then I mixed the same ratio of ingredients for the mason jar air fresheners in a ziploc bag, sealed it up and gave it a good shake to mix the oils in really well.

Next I put a few tablespoons of the mixture into the origami baskets, being careful not to make a mess. Using a rubber band half hitched around the handles of the basket, I stretched the rubber band around the rear view mirror of my car. Voila!

I also hung one inconspicuously in my son’s bedroom, and one near the cat’s litter box.

Carpet Freshener:

Another idea for this baking soda/essential oil mixture: mix some up in a ziploc bag (2 cups baking soda to 30 or 40 drops of lavender oil make a nice ratio for carpet freshening). I used an empty spice container and filled it up with the mixture. I also snagged a race car sticker from my son’s sticker stash to cover up a few holes so I don’t sprinkle too much at a time. Or you could use a mason jar with holes pokes in the top of the metal lid. Then sprinkle it on your carpet and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Vacuum it up and you have freshly smelling carpet without using the store bought stuff that is full of chemicals!

Any other ideas out there for baking soda around the house??
Have fun with this!


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