Day Six: CSA Adventure

The reality is that with the desk job I don’t always get to be at home cookin’ up new recipes and being mom all day to my sweet boy, BUT I do get to escape cooking and being mom two days a week for that desk job which provides some much needed respite and, you know, money. Today was a desk job day and Aiden got to go to preschool, the land of finger painting, singing, sand boxes, noodle art, best friends (at least for today) and oh so much more. Tonight we enjoyed a BBQ dinner at Sunshine School, their annual Back to School BBQ Open House. What a proud mama I was to see a drawing Aiden did of his family and see his “job” in his class (keeping track of the weather today, which he can report was cool and sunny and dry and, in my opinion, perfect!), ah, just melts my heart!

Yesterday was a Mom and Aiden day where I got to telecommute into work, in my PJs with my friend, French Press at the ready. We spent the day juggling work emails and editing projects, cleaning (deep cleaning!), organizing (yes, even sock drawers and yarn stashes), AND making crayons! Yup, crayons!

For tomorrow, the end of this CSA week: Turkey Sausage (or Chicken, I haven’t decided yet) Red Potato Corn Crock Pot Soup with Artisan Bread!

paper off, ready for sorting
sorted and ready for melting
melted and now cooling
lots of neat colors & textures
ready, set, color!
leaning tower of crayons!

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