Day Three: CSA Adventure

With the weather in the 90s here in Portland, in September (ugh!), cooking and heating up the kitchen are not at all enjoyable. To remedy this, my genius husband fashioned a curtain across the archway between our kitchen and living room, installed a window AC in the living room and we have been cooking without heat repercussions for days!

Tonight we enjoyed a good ol’ meat and potatoes meal, the key to my man’s heart.

Oven BBQ Pork Ribs – I use this method, although I use paprika instead of the cajin seasoning and add some black pepper as well.

Roasted Red Potatoes – slice them up, toss with olive oil on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.
Roasted Green Beans – rinse, toss just like potatoes on a cookie sheet (they can happily share a cookie sheet – cooking time and temp is the same. 425 degrees for 20 minutes. YUM!

What I learned from this meal – Aiden loves potatoes cooked this way. It is impossible to get him to eat baked, mashed, potato salad, etc, but roasted, he loved them! Phew. Thank goodness!

So, at the end of day three we have the following:

(3) summer squash – (2) remaining
(1) slicing cucumber
(1/2) yellow onion
(2) tomatoes
(1) pear
(1) peach
(1) nectarine
(1/2) giant head of nappa cabbage
(1) apple
(1) head of broccoli
(1) bunch of green onion
(1) cup green beans
(2) ears of corn
(2 1/2) lbs red potatoes – (1 1/2) lbs remaining
(1/2) head of bok choy

Another event of the day included taking Aiden to Burgerville to enjoy their throw back menu for their anniversary – he was thrilled to get a balloon animal (a dinosaur – not pictured, but this blue balloon was also his favorite choice), face paint (a T-Rex – do you see it? his eye is the T-Rex’s eye), and he even won a backpack full of school supplies and a jar of spread! Woot! This little boy was so excited!!!!

What’s on the menu for tomorrow? Not sure yet, but I do plan to bake that chocolate zucchini cake. Hmm, maybe that will be the menu…. the whole menu….


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