CSA Menu Adventure

We are in our 13th week of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program season here in Portland and I think we brought home the biggest bounty yet! (Mind you this is only HALF the box – we split it with our neighbors! Thank goodness because that would be too much Nappa Cabbage for this family).

So what is in the box this week:

(3) summer squash
(1) slicing cucumber
(1/2) yellow onion
(2) tomatoes
(1) pear
(1) peach
(1) nectarine
(1/2) giant head of nappa cabbage
(1) apple
(1) head of broccoli
(1) bunch of green onion
(1) cup green beans
(2) ears of corn
(2 1/2) lbs red potatoes
(1/2) head of bok choy

This week I will be sharing all the different meals I make in an attempt to use up every last piece of produce. YUM!

What’s on the menu 1st: Taco Soup


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