if you want to destroy my sweater…

sweater yarn!
deconstructed sweater!
I spent the better part of my 3.5-year-old’s nap deconstructing a sweater (I got so excited to do this, I forgot to take a before picture!) into these skeins of usable yarn. I’m not sure what they will be used for yet, but it was thrilling to see just how much yarn I could get out of one old sweater. 

Lately I find myself looking at lots of fabrics in this way – those pants don’t fit anymore, I’ll make them into yarn. That sheet has a hole in it (that just keeps getting bigger with each washing and living room tent making), I’ll make it into yarn. The next deconstruction project is with t-shirt material – I’ve made 10 t-shirts (thanks Dad and Josh for your old holey ones!) into yarn with a whole stack more to be transformed soon. A large rug for our entry way is in our future! Stay tuned for pictures and a how-to to do-it-yourself.


4 thoughts on “if you want to destroy my sweater…

    1. mollyjwalter says:

      I think I might be too impatient for the sweater deconstruction art. I could have salvaged so much more, but I got seam ripper happy. 🙂 You’ll have to teach me your tricks of the trade.

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