vhs given new life

look mom, i ruined the tape!!

Screwdriver in hand, I crack open the case of the forbidden vhs tape, the tape my Mom would cringe at when my sisters and I would manage to get our fingers on it, worried the readability of the video would be rendered impossible. But now, with no vhs player in sight and a waiting crochet hook, I dig in. Old tv recordings can now be transformed into lovely shiny black stripes in a rug, bag or basket, or a shiny black star for hanging on a wrapped gift, door knob, or Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless really. So long jazzercize video, adios old copy of The Princess Bride, you are new again! 

Really anyone can try this, with a little patience for all the small screws – I’d recommend making sure the last viewer was kind enough to rewind prior to cracking the case. Ready, set, reuse!

PS – I will soon be posting this handy vhs yarn for sale on my etsy site for those of you who haven’t seen a vhs tape in years and would still like to try your hand at making something yourself. OR, perhaps use this for your ribbon on this years holiday gifts! It really is pretty!


4 thoughts on “vhs given new life

  1. Theresa says:

    I am glad I found your blog,I found it thru itsy,u r so inspiring,I have become so inspered to recycle more than I realized,Thanx so much,keep up the good work. :}

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