to ban or not to ban

white plastic bagI’m often asked what I think about the trend to ban plastic bags, or at least charge for them, AND what I would do if they were no longer available.

Here are my thoughts:
– Plastic is everywhere. The less of it the better.
– I also use MORE than just the traditional plastic grocery bag – I use newspaper sacks, packaging, bread bags, etc.
– My craft is flexible and I’m flexible. I use all kinds of mediums including plastic, wool and traditional yarn, VHS and other kinds of media tape, twine, ribbon, old fabric, basically anything that can be made into yarn, or treated like yarn.


One thought on “to ban or not to ban

  1. leroxy says:

    When I heard the news of the ban I thought of you. I am glad you think of it this way. I love what you have done with this material. I love your etsy shop too! Can’t wait to have money, to buy more things!

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